Writers Submission

Writers Submissions

Submission Guidelines for Writers

Savita Bhabhi is now accepting scripts for comics. We welcome submissions from writers of any level of experience, regardless of their background in comics. Please do read our guidelines carefully before submitting the scripts. Please feel free to contact us at the below form, if you have any questions.

Pre-submission process

Before submitting your script, please contact us through the below form with a pitch and two pages of your proposed comic script to go with the pitch. The pitch is a one-paragraph summary of the story that you would like to write. Please provide details so that we have a good idea of the story and how it will work in comic form.

The scripts and pitch must be for one-shots (a single issue comic) which can be completed in 30 pages or less. If you do not have a background in comics, we highly recommend Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics as a great place to start.


Upon acceptation of your pitch, you’ll be asked to send us a script which conforms to our standards. Please note that acceptation of a pitch does not guarantee that we will buy the final script. Savita Bhabhi can reject scripts if they don’t meet our basic criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many pages should the script contain?

The script can contain 15 to 30 comic pages.

2. What are the requirements of the script?

• Good grammar, spellings, and punctuations.
• The story must be catchy and well written.
• A central character of Indian ethnicity involved in sex.
• References to clothing, sex positions, hairstyles and just about anything which will help our artists understand your imagination better.

3. Are there any themes which are forbidden?

Yes, themes like incest, bestiality, rape, and gore are strictly forbidden. Additionally, all the characters used in the story must be of legal age (18+).

Please do not submit stories containing celebrities or characters and settings which you don’t own. The story and everything in it should be your own creation.

To get started please fill in the below form and we are looking forward to hearing from you!
Maximum size allowed to upload is 1 MB, please upload only txt, doc, docx files.