Savita Bhabhi character

Savita Bhabhi


Savita Bhabhi is the first Indian cartoon porn star. She was created by Deshmukh in 2008. Since then she is a center of controversy because of the Indian culture and government. At first sight, she might look like an ordinary Indian woman, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It is a popular opinion that Savita is popular because:

  1. It is pleasing to watch an Indian girl going after pleasure within a society that shames women for the pursuit of their own pleasure.
  2. She matches the stereotypes of an Indian bhabhi, but she also breaks those same stereotypes by going after sex.
  3. Even though she is portrayed as an upper-caste woman, she pursues sexual relationships with multiple people no matter their caste, class, or gender.


When SB comic was created, it was published on a free site Each day there was a new page of her comic. This continued until the site has a reach of 500,000 users daily. Then the same site was banned by the Indian government and it’s been moved to There it later became a paid comic.




In 2013, the Savita Bhabhi Movie was published. The movie was and still is available only online due to censorship in India. It was the first Indian animated adult movie and Savita’s voice is done by famous Rozlyn Khan. There were even speculations of getting the movie to Hollywood.

The movie takes the fight against censorship. It was an attempt to use SB’s popularity to open up a debate about Internet censorship.