What are the payment methods you accept?

Credit Cards

We accept most Credit Cards & Debit Cards from all over the world. All our payments are processed through EPOCH or CCBill which are industry’s leading payment processor. They have processed thousands of website so nobody will ever know to which website you are subscribed to.


We offer payments with Skrill online wallet with which you are able to pay online, transfer money or even buy and sell cryptocurrency. More information about Skrill can be found at this link: How to pay with Skrill.

Debit Cards

We do accept Indian Debit Cards which are powered by Visa or Master Card and should be 3D secured. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Maestro Card since they do not contain the CVV or Security number. If you have a Maestro Card you can always approach your bank and request them to replace it with a VISA or MASTER CARD Powered Debit card and of course, they will do that.

Bank Account

We cannot accept payment via Bank transfer or internet banking payments. However, you can set up a Paypal account using your bank account and then pay us via Paypal. Go to www.paypal.com to create your Paypal account.


If you do not have a Credit Card but have a PayPal account you can pay us through it. Just send an email to [email protected] and request for our PayPal email id.


Sorry, we cannot accept cash payments.

Note: We are sometimes unable to process Debit Cards from certain countries. If you are unable to pay using your Credit Card or Debit card, contact us at [email protected] and maybe we can help.